The Wanderer

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*+-Started out free, unscathed and unharmed Till he learned how to please and started searching for scars The warmth that he needs, is cold and it burns From what he bleeds is for what he yearns   Sleeping on grass, while the rest grows around him Dancing on glass and won’t slow down as the light dims Anchors of his …

Will NashThe Wanderer

Playing Dead

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*+-Woah, slow your roll  I’m holding on to your hand but it’s turned cold When did you change? You still look like you’re mine, but you don’t see me the same Tell me, tell me that you’re playing Playing dead and you don’t know what you’re saying Your eyes are open but you’re not behind them Why can’t I shake …

Will NashPlaying Dead


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*+-Keep the curtains closed I don’t want to see The separation that we’re facing So imminently Just gonna stay here Until every last bit of us leaves   If I close my eyes, if I close my eyes just Know it ain’t because I’m scared I’m just remembering you at your finest But rest assured the fear is there   …

Will NashMeteor

Heard Em Say

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*+-Yeah, I heard ‘em say It doesn’t matter anyway Walking through the streets where they Are wanting tomorrow, yesterday There will be no truth for the likes of me and you Yeah, I heard ‘em say It doesn’t matter anyway     Who cares what message I’m sending Its alright tonight its trending Pretending that I’ve got followers Blame everybody …

JamesHeard Em Say

Don’t Go

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*+-Don’t go Please stay with me for a while Were so close To what we’ve walked for, for miles And I know your hands are sore From holding on to whatever gets You through this incessant storm But let me tell you something true I have never known a/ Dawn without a darkness or a/ Fear of something to/ Make me …

JamesDon’t Go